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8 Facts about Love and Marriage in America

Read the following article about love and marriage in America


PDF File here:

8 facts about love and marriage in America



LOVE IN JAPAN / Facts and Details

Now read the following paper about love and relationships in Japan:


PDF File here:

LOVE IN JAPAN | Facts and Details 



Prepare for the next class by writing your thoughts on this issue (minimum 250 words) in the Leave a Reply section below, considering the following DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:

Compare and contrast notions of love in America with that of Japan. In what ways are American customs similar to that of Japan’s? In what ways are they different? What accounts for these differences? Is Japanese culture moving closer to that of the United States with regard to ideas about love and marriage? What effect would this have on Japanese culture?

Do you think the observations about love and relationships in Japan are accurate? If not, which ideas do you agree with and which do you disagree with, and why? How would you describe Japanese notions of romantic love? What do Japanese men and women look for in a romantic partner?




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