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The Jury System vs. the Lay Judge System


Under the criminal justice system of the United States a jury system to determine the guilt or innocence of those persons accused of crimes in the country. In Japan, a lay judge system (“saibanin”) is used to accomplish the same function. The two systems have both similarities and differences, which we will look at over the next two weeks.

In conjunction with this, we will watch an American classic courtroom drama called 12 Angry Men which involves a jury composed of 12 men who must decide the fate of a teenaged boy accused of murdering his father.

In preparation for viewing, please read the following PDF files which explain the American jury system and the Japanese lay judge system. Background on the film 12 Angry Men, a profile of the movie’s characters, the movie’s plot summary, and the script from the movie are also provided to help you understand the film better.

 1. Introduction to the Jury System

2a. US Jury System – Living Abroad _ USA

2b. Jury – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3a. Japan introduces lay judge system – UPI.com

3b. Lay judges in Japan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4a. 12 Angry Men (1957 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

4b. 12-Angry.Men-Characters

4c. 12-Angry-Men-Summary

4d. 12-Angry-Men-Script



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