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Which Japanese customs and rules of etiquette do foreigners find strange?


Go to the following links:



and/or download the following PDF files:

Some Japanese customs that may confuse foreigners ‹ Japan Today_ Japan News and Discussion

What do foreigners find strange about Japan

Read the original article and as many of the comments that follow as you have time for.



Which responses were surprising to you?

Why do you think some foreigners responded as they did?

What other customs or rules of etiquette do you think foreigners would find odd about Japan?

Which Japanese rules of etiquette do you think are superior to those of other countries? Why?



In the comment section below this homework post, write down your reactions to the two articles using the above questions as a guide (but feel free to express anything you wish as well in this connection). Minimum — 100 to 150 words.


For Next Class

Write down a list of ten foreign customs or rules of etiquette that you find odd. Bring with you to class for discussion.



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