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This course will look at cultural differences between America and Japan. Looking just beneath the surface of these cultures reveals significant differences in areas such as governance, religion, legal systems, ethics, and family relationships. By contrasting the two cultures, students will learn more about their own culture by stepping outside and looking in. The primary focus of the course will be on cultural content, with various linguistic skills taught to improve meaningful communication. Students enrolled in the course will be engaged in a wide variety of activities covering the four language skill areas — listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Specific activities will include video and film viewing and analysis, intensive reading, in-class debates and presentations, and expository writing, Through the class website, students will be assigned background reading and research activities to increase their knowledge and confidence about the topics and to provide a solid basis for class work. The website will also be used for students’ comments and opinions about the topic and to provide a means of ongoing communication between the students and teacher.


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